Monday, August 30, 2010

Birthday Blues to a Precious Celebration

Saturday we celebrated my daughter's sixth birthday and my son's eighth, though really that was Gabe's second celebration. I on the other hand was at home in bed sick with a nasty flu. The bug always seems to bite at the most inopportune times. Needless to say,  I was disappointed that I was missing out on the celebration and time with my family and friends.
    Once everyone came home and I had finally awoke from my 6-hour "nap", my husband was getting sick. Long story short, it was one restless night at our house.
    Three in the morning my daughter, Mary, the birthday girl wakes up. I am in her bed trying to get her back to sleep. I look at the clock and mention how I wasn't quite yet in labor with her six years earlier. That led into a detailed recollection of her labor and delivery. Mary wanted to know every bit. Then she asked me to tell her how my oldest almost died during his delivery and my youngest son's eventful birth.
    In those minutes as I whispered the stories it made me realize that at that moment I was a part of  a far-more precious celebration of her birthday than a balloon-filled room. Yes, I missed my loved ones that day. But, I celebrated with my daughter the great gift she is from God- just the three of us.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Book Review: Embracing God's Gift

I just finished reading Captured by Grace by Dr. David Jeremiah, which I received free of charge from Booksneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing.  Often Christians find themselves proclaiming their identity in Christ, but deep down are lacking something. They forget the grace they received from the past. Dr. Jeremiah leads the reader to claim that grace everyday by taking them on the journey to be Captured by Grace.
     In the past I have heard of Dr. Jeremiah, but never had read one of his books. I'm more than glad that I have now. Captured by Grace is a jewel of a book. He helps you seek out the treasure that God freely offers us on a daily basis. It's not that I am ungrateful, in fact I often thank God for the many blessings. However, I don't ponder enough Christ's sacrifice and in turn, what that means for me here and now and forevermore.
     I was truly humbled and came before His throne as I read the book. Dr. Jeremiah takes time to intricately weave Saul's transformation to the apostle Paul and John Newton's life-changing adventure in the slave trade into your journey. You get a rather powerful look into their lives, into their souls and in turn look into your own. God's grace clothes us in His Son's righteousness, not because we deserve it, but because He loves us so much as His children.
    Everyday we sin. Everyday we are loved. Everyday we can be Captured by Grace. This book is for anyone who knows their is no other way except through Our Savior, Jesus Christ and wants to be enveloped by His warm embrace.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Win a FREE Book

On the Company Porch is offering a chance to win a free book from Salem Ridge Press. Follow the attached link for your chance. They have wonderful historical novels for the young reader to the adult. Good luck!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book Review: Shared Hearts

    What in the world could a homeless African-American man have in common with an upscale art dealer in Texas? Thanks to Booksneeze letting me review a free copy of Same Kind of Different as Me on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing, I now know.  Ron Hall and Denver Moore take a through a journey of their lives. When their paths intersect something close to a miracle occurs within them. The power behind their friendship is none other than God who works through Hall's wife, Deborah.
    I remember being introduced to the title when I was at a Women of Faith concert two years ago, but chose rather a couple of books authored by the speakers instead. Yet still, I kept wondering what was in this book Same Kind of Different as Me. What I found within is something I'll never forget.
    The first few pages aren't exactly luring, though the flow is written well enough you get through to when Denver's life begins to throw him more than his fair share of punches. It'd be hard for anyone to go through that and not end up on the streets. Ron's life was sweet enough in contrast to Denver's.
    God always works for those who love him. Has He ever proved otherwise? Deborah isn't comfortable with her high life and felt called to work in a mission.  It amazes me that angels can come from anywhere. She was an angel to many. Before she passed away from colon cancer she brought two people with very hard hearts together who needed one another to share life with. They found comfort with one another in those days of grief that were too much to bear alone.
     In Same Kind of Difference as Me Denver and Ron find their shared common humanity and compassion they both harbor deep down. It's not a book to read once, but rather one to read multiple times to find the wonderful nuggets of insight that Denver brings. Maybe his life on the streets gave him time to really converse with God and find the deeper meanings to life's problems than the average person. The cold didn't harden his heart and he found God to be his best and only chance to survive.
    This book is definitely a book of finding common hope in life. Sometimes when we call out to God it may be we need only to look over our shoulder to see whom He sent. Same Kind of Different as Me is a great book to give as a gift to those who need a bit of hope. Don't we all.