Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Book with Heart

The title says it all, “One of the Few.” This book stands out from many of the Christian non-fiction books I have read. Jason Ladd invites you along for his journey from an agnostic Marine to a seeker to a devout believer in Christ.

For the first few chapters I thought the book was to be of light fare and here I found myself disproved by the remainder of the book. The progression in content was interesting, as Ladd began to get into meatier theological topics. Subsequently, in the latter third or so, the author gets into the pragmatics of belief and what those beliefs can truly mean for one’s life.

He questions faith, as most do. Yet, he still forges ahead, searching the depths of his soul. Even though, I highly doubted I would relate to the military verbiage Ladd incorporates throughout the book, I did to the extent I could appreciate it. The use of wartime and military analogies served One of the Few well. He uses wartime strategy to lay out a strategic plan for spiritual warfare.

Given, I did not believe with every tenet Ladd writes, but the heart of the book is what captured me and motivated me to continue reading. As a woman, I found a couple chapters a little awkward, although I am sure I gained something from them. I simply felt they were written from one man to another.  However, I related to his seeking, his journey and foremost, his heart.

I highly recommend One of the Few for seekers, particularly for men and those that enjoy military history. I am left with the impression that Jason Ladd is exactly the man he writes of, that he is a man of integrity and a passion for Christ that continuously fuels his zest for life.