Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Review: A Book for the Heart

     In exchange for an honest review, Tyndale Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of Stephen Mansfield's book Healing Your Church Hurt: What to Do When You Still Love God but Have Been Wounded by His People.  More likely than not, every believer in Christ has been hurt by someone in their church or knows someone who has. Whether it is a direct assault or a subtle slight hearts can easily break.  It is what is done with that hurt that will determine the condition of that heart.  Hurt can be harbored and poison the spirit or it can be handled with care and grow with beauty.
     Healing Your Church Hurt is the product of Mansfield's personal hurt and ultimate growth.  He guides the reader to engage that wound, ponder their own reactions and get tough with themselves.  The questions he provides seem simple enough, but what Mansfield asks is to really dig deep.  The questions aren't as simplistic as one might first assume.  When pondered, I warn you, you may not necessarily like the reflection you find yourself looking into. On the upside, now you have a chance to polish what you see.
     Before the deep-soul plunging journey, the author takes you back into time.  Looking into lives past, such as Edwards, Saint Patrick and Whitefield, Mansfield points out the many hurts some Christian greats have suffered.  Of course, Jesus Christ is our glorious elite example of suffering and the beauty that replaces it.  The reader will be led to look at the sinful nature of man and understand why one needs to forgive others.
     I wanted to review this as I have gone through my own church hurt and found my healing was much like Mansfield's process.  I still found this book revealing and engaging.  At the onset, the reader is warned of the author's tell-it-like-it-is style. Trust me, it is not as scary as it sounds.  In fact, inside I imagine he has a soft heart as is great intentions show. Although, he doesn't coddle you and bandage your wound, either.
     Healing Your Church Hurt is for any believer that has hurt or is hurting or wants to help others in Christ.  The hurt can be healed and can help you become the person God has called you to be.  Remember, we suffer for Him.  God can use your hurt for His glory!  As one heart to another: Don't miss this opportunity to heal your heart.

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Author Stephen Mansfield

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review: Eye-Opening History

     BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing recently allowed me to review a complimentary copy of Larry P. Arnn's The Founders' Key.  Arnn delves into the history and minds of the Founding Fathers of our country to understand the purpose of the two documents that were written to form America and to keep it as a free country. As the political climate changes with time there are politicians who feel that the founding documents have become obsolete. However, Arnn surmises that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written to stand the test of time.
     Arnn connects the dots between the purpose the Fathers intended in the Declaration with the parameters set in the Constitution. He details the history and sacrifices people made for the liberties we now enjoy. External historical documents are referenced to back up the original intentions given. The colonists that stood firm in their beliefs for equality rose against a domineering king who took liberty to impose harsh conditions at the cost of the colonists' freedoms. That point was driven home, so the reader gains a deeper appreciation and respect for those men. That then resulted in our nation as we know it.
     The Founders' Key is enlightening, enjoyable and enterprising. Arnn reminds us, the people of a free nation, to recall our beginnings. I couldn't agree more. As a people, we have become complacent as the years have worn on, living in comfort of capitalism. Many citizens don't take the time to understand what our so-called representatives are doing or saying in Washington. They are suppose to be our voice. Representation is what makes the United States a government for the people, by the people. I for one would like to know what my "voice" is claiming upon the Hill.
     This book is a short read, but deep in content. No one should read it in a couple of days, but rather take time to let what Arnn is saying sink in. Although many are not believers of Jesus in this country, many more are. The Founding Fathers allowed their faith to guide them, as we should. When morals run amok and our political scene seems to be shoddy in areas, it is time for citizens of this great country to recall our beautiful beginnings. We have a choice as to which road this country is going to take. The Founders' Key is a great start!