Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review: A Book to Stay

     Thomas Nelson Publishing courteously enlightened me with a copy of Why God Won't Go Away through BookSneeze, a blog-for-books program. I want to note that my views are solely based on New Atheism and the book read. Please do not read this as a generalization of all atheists. Allister McGrath, theologian, professor and this case author, a former atheist himself, acquaints the reader with the four major voices in the New Atheism movement, highlighting their theses of their beliefs in the non-existence of a deity. Interestingly, McGrath then rebuts their arguments and champions the cause for a deity in a very non-invasive manner.
      As I read it occurred to me the anger that the New Atheism spews at religion is nothing but a farce. Dawkins' and Harris' views are shared without much substantiating evidence. I found myself rather bemused at their stands. Often religion and philosophy are entwined giving credence to one another. What I believe shapes my philosophy in life, and really I could go further stating they are one in the same. Yet, here this movement despise religion claiming it is evil, a mental deficiency and/or an indulgence. Are not their beliefs the religion this movement believes in?
       It was heartbreaking to learn some of the New Atheists are proponents of mass killing of theists. Ironically, religious extremism is one of the so-called problems of religion. If they are against extremism, how can they propagate such hatred?

       Why God Won't Go Away is wonderful theological fodder. McGrath eloquently presents his firm belief in God that is understandable and a pleasure to read. It was surprising how fast the book was read. Apparently, this read is quite the page-turner. Often, such philosophical and theological books can be tedious and well, a bit dry to peruse. Why God Won't Go Away should be on every Christians bookshelf to present a basic understanding of the New Atheism movement. Though the movement gained a stronger following during the middle of the last decade and subsequently has lost some steam, it would still be wise to know what Satan will put out in the world today. Doubt and committed disbelief weren't enough to attack God, he is now using hatred and unrelenting anger to try to stamp out God. Thank you to Mr. McGrath. Praise to be our Lord Jesus Christ!

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