Saturday, November 19, 2011

Book Review: Great Guide to Fasting

     I owe a big thank you to Bethany House Publishers for sending me a complimentary copy of A Woman's Guide to Fasting in exchange for an honest review. Lisa E. Nelson, author and speaker, presents a guide to not only fasting itself, but to the preparation and aftermath as well. Fasting is not a commandment, but a discipline practiced throughout the Bible. To modern ears, fasting may seem antiquated and daunting. However, Nelson breaks down the physical and spiritual aspects of fasting for the reader.
     In A Woman's Guide to Fasting Nelson makes it a point that one only begins a fast for the proper reasons. As Jesus came to fulfill the Law, we are not bound to any specific fast. We are to make sure our fasts are done at the Spirit's prompting. There are various reasons to practice fasting and this book covers those reasons adequately, among them to request healing, protection and humility. Nelson also includes different fasts such as liquids-only, partial fasts, Daniel fasts and twenty-four-hour fasts. I particularly liked the fact those are each hit upon in subsequent chapters as to the different preparations needed for each type.
     I was truly excited to start reading this volume. I have always been intrigued by the discipline, but have been intimidated by fasting. No longer will I be intimidated by fasting due to Nelson's encouragement throughout. In fact, in the last portion of the book she uplifts the reader by relating the mistakes she has made along the way her fasting journey. Sometimes she has tried to do fasting in her own strength rather than relying on God's. We have all done that in some way in our walk with Christ.
     A Woman's Guide to Fasting certainly will not be a dust-collector upon my shelf. As much as it was pleasurable to read, it is useful as well. This book would be great for anyone who practices fasting or has a desire to begin. It only is a mere 147 pages and is well written. I hope anyone who picks this book up is on their way to deeper experience with God. Again, thank you to Bethany House for this wonderful read.

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