Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day: No Jewels, but Lots of Love

     This year my family made Mother's Day a three-day celebration, not because I deserve the praise, but because my husband is a firefighter. He was scheduled to work Sunday. I have to admit I am a little disappointed when his schedule conflicts with my plans at first. Yes, this is selfishness in the first degree. I guess when Mother's Day is about the mom it goes to my head and some of me expects the glory. Yet, this has been our life since we were married over 12 years ago. I know better after a moment or two of selfish what-about-me-syndrome. Really, I know I am loved whether I have a day set aside or not. In fact, it is in those sweet moments with my kids that I really witness their love pouring forth out of a sincere heart, rather than a coerced "love you, Mom," because it is Mother's Day. Commercialism coerces, whereas it's in the day to day you perceive the genuine. I did not receive diamonds or anything extravagant in material goods. I did receive extravagant love in many forms from those that mean so much to me. It was a beautiful weekend. Anyway, here is a little look at what all that fun looked like.

My flowers from my love. He brought these home after work on Friday morning.

Me and my babies at Descanso Gardens. We take advantage of National Public Garden's Day. It is a wonderful time to see what your local gardens has to offer and the bounty God has created for our pleasure.

My world was all in line waiting for the train to begin.

      Jacob, never one to leave us bored, pretended to meditate on a rock near the stream. Consequently, my little guy fell into the stream feet first. I blame it on Jacob's deep relaxation and evident instability. So, we had to make a quick trip to Target to get him some dry socks and shoes. We had a nice meal out after enjoying the gardens until late afternoon.

     Saturday was not a day that surrounded around me. The reason I found it to be a part of the celebration is because it had everything to do with my kids (most of it, anyhow). That is what being a mommy is all about. We had a t-ball game, softball game and an Awana award ceremony. Then, David took the kids to the movie while I took the time to relax and give myself a pedicure. I even read a chapter of my current reading selection without being interrupted. But, it was in the midst of running around that I realized that despite the hectic pace or may be because of it, that my family and I are enjoying life. We take the time to slow down some days, so when we have those crazy days we can push through them together. My husband and I are demonstrating to our children that we do life together because we love each other so much.

      Then Sunday, with David at work, my children allowed me to sleep in a bit. The bad news was we did not make it to church. The good news was brought to me in the form of paper and pen. Gabriel, my eldest, came in and said, "Mom, this is for you." He then sped out my room. I opened my eyes to see a picture they all contributed to, sort of. Gabriel told me he drew the flowers and vase. Mary colored the sky and grass.And Jacob, well, he said, "I did nothing." Yet, sure enough his name was signed, not by his hand, but his heart was there.

 This fine piece of art will be receiving a frame shortly.
 I adore the misspelling, as it is not "from" my kids, but "form" them.

     To conclude our Sunday, we drove to Tehachapi and spent the day with my mom. My three kiddos were able to play with their younger cousin, Reece, for the day. They did not slow down for a bit. Fun, fun times!  As Jacob was laying in my arms trying to fall asleep, he tells me, "That day was a great day." Simple, but true.

The kids playing in the sandbox. Apparently, sandboxes appeal to kids of many ages.

We even walked around their property and spotted some raccoon tracks.

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