Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: Every Mom Needs This Book (If You Have a Boy)

Bethany House Publishing blessed me with a complimentary copy of What a Son Needs from His Mom by Cheri Fuller in exchange for an honest review.
     If you are a mom of a boy, I am sure you have noticed that boys are entirely different creatures. They think differently and act at times oddly, making decisions that sometimes boggle the female mind. Author Cheri Fuller has enlightened this mama with her wonderful book, What a Son Needs from His Mom. Sure you can wing it, but intentionally setting up your little man for life is a much wiser choice. He needs the feminine viewpoint in his life without cramping his style. The world demands so much from men and boys alike, that we need to be a refuge or lighthouse so to speak, as to provide guidance, comfort and encouragement. Storms rage around us, boys need to be encouraged and upheld to become the strong men that God has called them to become.
      That isn't an easy task. Through Fuller's own experience and those of fellow mothers, she provides seasoned wisdom ranging from directing your toddler to befriending the adult child. Motherhood weathers many seasons, through infancy to adulthood we see a lot and are there to provide for our children. Finding the right balance of control, advice and gentle nudging are key to building up our sons. The eleven-year-old needs more autonomy than that of his three-year-old brother who can't tie his own shoes. Fuller includes topics such as: confidence-building, praying for sons, staying connected and nurturing faith to name a few.
     Though the chapters aren't all quick reads, they can be valuable tools in our mothering arsenal. The different stages of life seem to intermingle in the chapters so, I would suggest highlighting passages in different colors for easier reference later. What a Son Needs from His Mom is a book to be kept on your shelf for different developmental phases. I may be honing in on a couple of ages now, but two years from now will need to tinker with my relationship with my boys to better accommodate their emotional and spiritual needs. I was very impressed with the research the author included to back up her experiences and suggestions. She is candid, frank and passionate.
     The journey of motherhood is always an adventure. It is wonderful to have advice of those who have walked this path before us. I hope every mother who wants the best for her little guy picks up What a Son Needs from His Mom not only to enhance her comprehension of what he can grow to be, but also to ensure she can give him a launch.

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