Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Review: The Crux of the Cross

BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing furbished a complimentary copy of The Lamb's Agenda: Why Jesus is Calling You to a Life of Righteousness and Justice by Samuel Rodriguez in exchange for an honest review.
     Some believers are focused solely upon looking up at God while forgetting to extend their own arms outward to fellow man. Others, pursue justice while leaving God out of their aim. Reverend Rodriguez poses that righteousness and justice need each other as we fulfill our calling to live out God's love in The Lamb's Agenda. Jesus relied upon the Father as he walked a righteous path, simultaneously he opened up his heart and arms for others to bring equality and freedom to society.
The author joins the reverence and righteousness of Billy Graham to the justice and fight of Martin Luther King, Jr.
     Believers are not to live in a bubble and hoard the love they have received. Actions outward are a mirror of the love flowing in and through us. Rodriguez analyzes the state of the American church in an eye-opening, soul-awakening manner. He doesn't only paint a portrait of roses, but highlights the thistles, brier and hopeful solutions. Diversity needs to be embraced by the church. In order for the church to survive in America other people need to see the love of Christ in action, proactively defending causes near and dear to us and Jesus. What good is our faith if we live in a bubble?
     Samuel Rodriguez is a voice that transcends the mere black and white of the page. His charisma and passion jump off the page into the reader's heart. Sometimes I found his vision a little too rose-colored, but realized that is exactly what we need and can feed off of. I suppose many today and others in the time of Christ probably thought His vision was a little too utopic for their reality. Yet, the hope of Christ prevails after two millennia. The Lamb's Agenda is an extension of or a reminder of the vision of Jesus, the calling of God. We are to be His hands and feet as we move in communion with Him.
      This book may put you on edge. Not every topic is going to be agreeable for all, marriage and homosexuality, politics and bipartisanship. Yet, that is why I love to read to gain insight from other people's viewpoints. I hope I never agree with a book entirely, unless I have written it myself. We must cultivate an attitude that enables us to value the opinions of others and be willing to learn from them. The Lamb's Agenda certainly carved out a niche in my heart and I pray it will do the same for yours. May our vision gaze upward as our arms extend out.


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