Sunday, November 24, 2013

Book Review: Shirer is Able

B&H Publishing Group provided a complimentary copy of God is Able in exchange for an honest review.
     What can God not do for you? It seems impossible, right, that God could care so much for you? In fact, God can do so much more than you can even fathom. Your plans may be good. But, God's plans for your life are far greater than anything you can ever imagine. Your problem may seem giant. But, God He is a giant-problem slayer.
     Author and speaker Priscilla Shirer has written God is Able with you in mind. She investigates Ephesians 3:20-21 and unpacks those words for all they are worth. So, whatever plagues you, bothers you, haunts you God is able to take care of it. For instance, God not only took my anxiety away, but went beyond that and restored my peace and confidence out of His abundance. Sometimes we really just need to have the faith, believe and ask.
     We have a choice when adverse circumstances come our way. We can allow the enemy a win and claim defeat. Or...we can claim our victory in Christ and rest knowing He is far greater, far more powerful than our circumstances. God's ability is always greater than whatever issue looms large in our minds, in our world.
      Priscilla Shirer's passion and vivacity jump off the page. Her words ring so clearly it seems she stands before the reader declaring God's infinite goodness. Her writing is downright contagious. The only downfall is when the book ends, the cover is closed and the silence is sudden.
     I hope every woman grabs God is Able and claims for herself God's abundance. He is there working on our behalf, fully, powerfully and lovingly. So, ask yourself what is "it" that you want God to handle? Because whatever it is, God is Able!

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