Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Review: Worth the Investment

Bethany House Publishing provided a complimentary copy of the featured book in exchange for an honest review.
     Most likely if you are an avid reader, at some point you have read a self-help book. You know the titles that promise you will find yourself within the 200 pages, or you can even create the life you have dreamed of by doing A,B and C. The selections are overwhelming and plentiful on the bookstore shelves. Yet, what we are all longing to do is to fulfill our souls. We thirst for more.
     Author Daniel Henderson has penned a book to help you do just that. The Deeper Life: Satisfying the Eight Vital Longings of Your Soul guides the reader to answer those questions in a purposeful way, a way that help you live your life by defining your principles. If we are lost not knowing what we are searching for, we will go through life grasping at straw, only to have storms sweep it all away. However, if we can identify who we are and what we believe, our behaviors that shape our lives will be an extension of what we believe and give meaning to our daily lives.
     I was thoroughly impressed with this book in its entirety. Besides Henderson's engaging writing style which led me to an inner dialogue as I read, there is also a Part 2. Many books pepper you with questions to think about which is fine. However, The Deeper Life's Part 2 is thoroughly useful. It is a workbook of sorts helping the reader work through the knowledge they just gained turning it into practical application. The Discovery Exercises delve into your heart, into your soul allowing you to weave a working tapestry of what you believe and how to make use of those beliefs.
     The Deeper Life gets the reader to invest in their own lives. We can find our identity and purpose, learn what matters to us, how we can fulfill our callings and strive for eternity. What will your legacy look like on earth and in heaven? Everything we do, every decision we make is a reflection of our belief system. I have rarely come across a book that has pierced my heart as much and given me as extensive fodder to digest. I only hope if you are looking to fulfill your soul, to squelch that heart-wrenching longing for more or want to simply enrich your life that you will invest the time in this book and satisfy the longings of your soul.


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