Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Review: A Well-Kept Soul

Our soul is the epitome of our entire being. Yet, sadly, we give very little attention to the most important part of us. We compartmentalize our lives into mind, body and soul. You hear ideas to increase your brain power or how to improve your health. In fact, their are industries based solely on these aspects. And there sits our soul, waiting to be nurtured, needing to be acknowledged.
     Author and pastor John Ortberg has blessed us with such a delightful book, Soul Keeping: Caring for The Most Important Part of You, to help us live holistically and fully. When our souls our whole and healthy, the rest of our lives benefit. There is a cohesion of being which allows us to function in an integrated manner. When our lives our in disarray the external chaos is a symptom of disintegrated, fractured soul. Ortberg takes aim to lead the reader to a healthier life, a life lived in harmony with God.
      Ortberg's writing simply flows from his pen. He has a style casual and personable. When you read the last page you are left with a feeling that you have personally met him and been able to pick his brain for his most valuable insights. Reading Soul Keeping is a book of intensity and passion; one doesn't simply read it, but rather experiences this piece.
     One of the highlights of this book is that you not only meet Ortberg, you are introduced to renown theologian Dallas Willard. His legacy peeks through Soul Keeping. You may be surprised at the insights and wisdom that Willard brings to the table, possibly as surprised as Ortberg was when he received them as he sat across from him. You might even extend a similar question of bewilderment, "Huh?"
     I was mesmerized with Soul Keeping. The simplicity of words delves deep within. You will be questioned and challenged. Our souls are in need of love and keeping. You are the keeper of your soul and you are in charge of Soul Keeping. May you find the peace you are seeking and may your life be an organic extension of a well-kept soul.
     I received a complimentary copy of the aforementioned book from Icon Media and Zondervan in exchange for an honest review.


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