Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fast- Paced Motherhood

Motherhood seems to end up a dash. Add in the extra curriculars to church, homeschooling and daily duties and I end up running around exhausted wth not a lot accomplished at times. I always dreamed of being a mother, knowing it was work and dedication, but never did I dream of the sheer exhaustion that can accompany it. Life already comes at me fast enough. The kids grow so quickly. I'm trying to figure out how my youngest is going to turn 4 in June. What happened to the days of diaperring and colic? Or the nights of teething and rocking? They have vanished long ago and are now replaced with memorizing verses for Awana, tee ball practice and dentist appointments. Thank God for homeschooling. People ask me why I don't send the kids to school, especially since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Despite the chaos, the love and togetherness more than compensate. I sit there in the classroom with Gabriel and Mary and praise God for such a wonderful opportunity to guide my children to become the people He created them to be.

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