Saturday, May 1, 2010

In Christ's Path

        I finished reading In His Steps. How many Christians truly can claim they follow Christ completely every day? It dawned on me how many of us out there claim to be Christian, yet we get caught up in our own bubble. I have responsibilities to my family.  God is suppose to be my first love. Why isn't He my first priority? How do I rectify that? 
       God is definitely first in my heart now. I see how I have changed in the past few years and see how far I have come. In front of me lies a great unknown journey. It's the steps I need to take that  I'm probing. As a mother and wife with physical limitations how can I follow Jesus' steps without abandoning my duties to others? There are so many individuals at large in society that are on the fringe that need help. They are lost and hard to reach. How can I help them, reach out to them and let them know Christ died for them personally?
       Do I have to wait for my children to get older? Do I start out with small baby steps? How can I make sure not to get caught up figuring out how to help and make sure the focus is on demonstrating God's love for them? I don't want it to become a "me" thing/problem.  It's needs to become a "we" thing.

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