Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: The Greatest Cast Ever

I recently received a free copy of Cast of Characters by Max Lucado from Booksneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing. In it Lucado highlights some of the main characters and not-so-known characters of the Bible. He brings out the humanity found within the pages of the Bible and brings the characters to life with a modern twist. At the end of each chapter is Lucado's infamous and needed call to Christ.

Cast of Characters asks you directly if you identify with the character in the chapter. Even when I'm about to answer no, I have realized it's best to read to the end of the chapter. Lucado can always convict me of what I can't see in myself. His books always touch my heart and stir my soul to ponder my walk with Christ.

In each chapter I found a part of myself within the story. Some spoke more intensely than others. The point was though that God uses your everyday person to glorify His kingdom. I often forget that is the purpose of my life. Sometimes I find that picking up an easy read does not necessarily mean it won't be thought-provoking. 

Cast of Characters broke up my heavier, theological books, yet still made me ponder a lot about myself.  Really if you don't ponder who you are and what direction you are headed, you'll won't get to the places where God needs you.  God gives each of us gifts to help other Christians and non-believers alike, but we still have to have the sense to use them.

At the end of each chapter there is also a few study questions.  I wasn't compelled to write out my answers, but still gave them some thought. I enjoy looking up the correlating verses and seeing how it all intertwines and relates to the book Cast of Characters itself , to the New Testament, to the Old Testament and to my life.

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