Sunday, July 18, 2010

Motherhood Joy

Joyful, jubilant, jolly-
Children are a blessing.
Even when little sister wants her dolly,
While the baby is crying and fussing.

What a joy to hear the laughter.
Then a scream, a cry and tears;
You're wishing for happily ever after.
How many more years?

The years do go by fast.
Raising your family is an honor.
Relish it, delight in it, wish it'd last.
It's a privilege to be a mother.

One, two, three or more
Kids are always a handful
Some of us have lost score,
Focusing on love and being mindful.

Godly women raising godly children,
Remembering we are only caretakers.
In your family you're a pilgrim
Leading your little ones to their Maker.

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