Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review: The Best Book Ever

      BookSneeze in conjunction with Thomas Nelson Publishing has yet again provided a wonderful book for me to review. The Story of the Bible: The Fascinating History of Its Writing, Translation & Effect on Civilization by Larry Stone is the best book I have ever come across on the best book ever written, the Bible. Mr. Stone takes you on a journey that reaches beyond today's horizon transporting the reader back millenia ago to engage you in the history of the Bible. Then the journey progresses and brings the Bible into today's society spanning the world unifying countires despite their linguistic differences.
      The Story of the Bible is a book to be treasured. Whether for the Bible or history enthusiast, young adult or old it will bring great pleasure and knowledge of the Bible's beginnings and subsequent rise to fame. Stone has created a treasure trove of reproductions of pages of bibles throughout the ages. It was intriguing to say the least, to pull each document from its vellum sleeve. As I perused each document I realized how truly amazing the history of the Bible is to every life upon this earth.
    The presentation of the book itself is artwork. The pages are antiqued and the hardcover is stunning. As I opened the box it was delivered in, I was taken away by its presentation. There have not been many covers that have done that throughout my reading adventures. Any reader should appreciate the book itself.
     However, it was the content that truly captivated my affections. My faith was reaffirmed and strengthened as I read The Story of the Bible. For God's Word to be preserved over the centuries in many forms that verified one another, I no doubt know the truth that is within my personal Bible as I read it daily. I thank Mr. Stone immensely for his obvious dedicated work found in The Story of the Bible.

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