Thursday, October 6, 2011

Book Review: Nice Look at God's Love

     WaterBroook Multnomah Publishing Group has provided me with a complimentary copy of The Perfect Love in exchange for an honest review. What does God's love encompass? How does it apply to you? What are the costs? Ruth Myers addresses all of these questions and more in The Perfect Love. This book begins by pointing out the shortcomings of the love we are use to in a fallen state and shows how the love of God not only fills what we are missing out on, but lavishes His love upon us in abundance. Then Myers gets personal and explores the depths of love we can all experience and abide in.
      More often than not, believers included, are told that God is love. What does that mean if it is never discussed as a how-to? The Perfect Love isn't a manual, however it is such a concise look at His love, any reader will gain some insight into their own relationship with God , whether they are new to the faith or seasoned believers looking for more. Myers use of Scripture and bits of poetry enhance the overall book. There's a great discussion on the Trinity's handwork in the mercy that God extends to us in chapter nine.
     So, what does His love look like for believers? "He is our complete answer for wisdom and knowledge, for life and growth, for forgiveness and fullness, for deliverance from every hindrance to our spiritual lives. And since we are in Him and He in us, we have a fresh new identity."(pg. 190) I really enjoyed that quote. We can live in His love. We are free to become our true selves when we abide in the love of Christ.
     I have to admit, at times I found this volume a bit long-winded. Although, that was to my advantage. As an avid reader I can read anywhere from six to ten books a month. I devoted two weeks to this book alone. Myers wrote in such a comprehensive manner, I found myself pausing to reflect in between paragraphs. I dissected my personal relationship to God more than I normally do, which is quite often. Her ponderings led me to my own. The Perfect Love isn't your run of the mill book on God's love. It is meaty, weighty and enjoyable.I hope any reader who picks this book up will appreciate the wisdom of a lifetime that Myers has shared. May the love of Christ flow in and through you.

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