Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Review: A Beautiful Strength

     On behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing, BookSneeze provided me with a complimentary copy of One Call Away by Brenda Warner with Jennifer Schuchmann. This memoir is a beautiful portrayal of a woman who has allowed God to carry her through any storm that passes her way. Throughout Warner's life she has received many phone calls that have changed her life in a moment's time, taking her from the routine to the unexpected. From having a special-needs son to enduring infidelity to losing her parents to a tornado and beyond Warner faced each situation with srength, courage and integrity. After having to make a fresh beginning in her home life she met Kurt Warner and together they have built something lovely.
     First off, I have to say, Warner is more of an inspiration than she can even fathom. I was immediately engaged to her story and drawn to her. Looking at this beautiful image of her on the cover, one would never expect to find that she was a marine and an excellent one to boot.  It is obvious her experiences have only humbled her, apparently God prepared her well for the fame that ensued. When she described the trust issues that plagued her after her divorce, it made me realize she is human. I think that is what keeps her story real and her strength approachable.
     I had the privlege of meeting her at the Women of Faith Conference over the weekend. As my mother drove I was reading One Call Away. Only until she appeared on stage did I realize she was the author. What I saw of her on stage and when she signed my copy is what comes across in the book. She still sees herself as a farm girl, though she is much more. It is definitely a well-written memoir. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures in the middle of the book. There are enough pictures to allow the reader to feel they are flipping through her family album next to her.     
     Brenda Warner is incredible; she is a wife, mother (of seven!- that is courage), nurse, former marine, daughter of the Almighty and a fabulous author.  Every woman could be inspired by the character she displays in life. Every woman will relate to her in some capacity. Every woman may be One Call Away.

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