Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Book Review: The Alarm Has Been Sounded

     In exchange for a book review, BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishers provided me with a complimentary review copy of The Coming Revolution: Signs from America's Past that Signal Our Nation's Future. Dr. Richard G. Lee has beautifully and eloquently captured America's problems that plague our nation more than ever.  After he paints of a vivid picture of our nation's current political and social landscape, Lee transports the reader back in time as the first colonists arrived on the nation's uncharted soil. Subsequently, Lee journeys forward to the Founding Fathers' pursuit of liberty and prosperity. It truly is essential for Americans to understand the dire circumstances they triumphed for our country.
     Dr. Lee reminds the reader of the belief in God that our nation was founded upon. Not only did the immigrants come for religious freedom, the Fathers of our nation wanted to ensure that we maintained those inalienable rights as children of God. As our rights as believers have been infringed upon, The Coming Revolution, encourages believers and all citizen's alike for that matter, to stand up to gain those rights back. Our country has become one that upholds the voice of the minority rather than allowing the people to rule. Dr. Lee poignantly affirms that if we don't do something, America is headed toward the socialism that has ended in the demise of the good life for so many European countries.
     It broke my heart to read this book at times. Americans need to be proactive citizens, not observers of society. The statistics presented are sobering. Coming to the realization that patriotism is at an all-time low among the young and not a figment of the imagination is an alarm that needs to keep ringing until we see improvements on the educational front. The good news is as Lee reminds us, as parents we have a lot of sway over the next generation. Where is our work ethic? Where is patriotism? Where is the government that is lead by the people for the people?
     The Coming Revolution is a message of sobriety and hope. We can't close our eyes and be inebriated by the materialism that surrounds us. Lee foresees a well-needed revolution that can't come too soon. The Tea Party is a clear picture that the people are fed up with this humanist socialism that is being shoved down the throats of freedom-loving people. Indoctrinating children with the idea that truth is relative and our country isn't as great as we think. It was great. It is great, but we do need to sound the alarm and fight for it.
      Any patriot of this great nation ought to pick up Dr. Lee's The Coming Revolution. He does a fabulous job of bringing God's light to the situation and provides  reasonable, feasible steps that American citizens can take to begin to bring about the change we need. In a little over 200 pages this book with enlighten you to the culture we live and the values we must return to. God Bless America!

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