Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book Review: A Must Read for the Bible Lover

     Recently BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishers sent me a complimentary copy of Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God an English Voice in exchange for a review. The Bible is not only the story of God's people millenia ago, speaking to us today, but in it one can search for the voice of translator, William Tyndale. Author David Teems drew upon many resources for this biography, but drew from the Bible itself. Tyndale translated the New Testament at the cost of his comfort living out his days in exile. He sought refuge in Europe, as his home country of England criticized and found his work a threat to the ruling Catholic church.
     Tyndale never sought fame, but diligently pursued the calling God laid on his heart to translate the New Testament into common language to open the pathway for the everyday commoner to seek out God. The church of the time allowed the Bible only into the hands of ecclesiastical hierarchy. But, wasn't God for all people?
     Teems in Tyndale with the flourish of his own eloquent pen allows the reader to enter this journey to piece together who William Tyndale was at his core. Some of his life was lived in obscurity, trying to hide from persecutors. Teems has looked beyond the translator and sought out Tyndale's passion, gentleness, devotion and work ethic among his other qualities. He enlightens the reader to the literary genius of Tyndale. The English that colors are speech and books today must pay homage to Tyndale. The veracity that drove Tyndale to find the right word fueled him to polish his work continuously. I have a new found appreciation for the nuances of our "common" language and the beauty therein.
     Tyndale is a book that will entice you at the prologue. Before you behold page one Teems will capture your curiosity and imagination. It is a slow page-turner, as I tried to capture the essence of every sentence. So, if you want to dig back in the past with David Teems as your guide to search out the character and man of William Tyndale this book is for you. Enjoy history and appreciate the English Bible as never before!

Take a sneak peek into Tyndale here.

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