Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Review: A Book that Shines

     Bethany House Publishers deserves a great commendation for offering My Own Worst Enemy and a heartfelt thanks for providing a complimentary review copy. Janet Davis eloquently and gracefully puts into words only one who has hurt as she, can appreciate. Most women come to a point or two in their lives and realize there is something off in their lives. Maybe they are not even sure where the problem lies. The daily craziness can take over their passions and before they know they have lived out their life according to someone else's plan. Other times the labels we have taken on take over and we forget who we are. Take your pick, but God has created women to shine in their own right.
     The reader begins the journey with Davis as soon as she hits page one. Truth be told, Section One: Many Faces was a painful journey for me. My Own Worst Enemy has become a constant purse companion. I could hardly read a few pages without stopping and pondering what Mrs. Davis was implying.It took a while to get through those pages. She is honest and a little brutal. For that poignancy she eloquently delivers I applaud her. Why do women sabotage themselves? Why do we hide behind our family or work duties? Oh, the questions she asks.
      The last two parts of her book, which are the majority of print, are not as hard to delve into. Yet, they are just as beautifully penned and garner just as much of your attention. By this time, the reader has entered into healing from confronting any pain or past regrets and the walls we have built are being chiseled away. Davis then leads you to identify you who are to a point where you can come into your own and shine. There is a great focus on creativity. She encourages you to dig deep and explore who you are. Many times we place ourselves in a black and white context forgetting God created the plethora of surrounding colors to enjoy.
     One of the highlights of her writing is how she intricately weaves stories of the Bible into your story. She draws parallels I would probably never come across in this lifetime between the women of history and the modern gals. I was surprised how emotionally involved I became with My Own Worst Enemy. It is not light reading. It is not a book for the faint at heart. It is a book you will need tissue for. It is a book where you can find growth. Even if you think your hurts are healed and your past does not hinder you, I would advise you to let Janet Davis take a look with you. You may be surprised and learn to shine. In fact, you may become your own best friend.

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