Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Review: Go, Buy and then "Go and Do"

    I am honored to have received a complementary copy of Jay Milbrandt's Go and Do: Daring to Change the World One Story at a Time from Tyndale Publishers in exchange for a review. I really am honored to have read of Mr. Milbrandt's journey that led him from his desert to a life-giving oasis. Sometimes God brings us to a desert to challenge us, to question ourselves, whether we are living out the purpose He created us for. It can be in the fear of uncertainty we find ourselves in that can propel us to leap into action, finding life and the face of God.
     Milbrandt gives a tour of his journey from his base camp of Pepperdine University to the streets of Thailand to the Mae La Refugee Camp. It was as a law student he found himself wondering what his purpose in life was. What great contribution was he going to make? He dared himself to go on a mission trip stepping outside of his comfort zone in Malibu to the unknown, Thailand in this case. The dire circumstances of humanity, the voiceless faces of the young shook him to his core changing his life course forever.
     The one thing that this book proved is that one man's story can inspire others to align their story with the Creator's. According to Milbrandt, anyone and everyone ought to "go and do."   As I read I began wondering if Mr. Milbrandt's idea was feasible for all. I certainly do not have the money to book a flight to Uganda as he has or fly down to Peru. Going does not need to lead us to the other side of the world, although it very well could. We can go into our neighborhoods or inner-cities. Going can be the hardest part not knowing what it is that you are going to do.
     Doing can take an array of forms from advocating for the voiceless to being present in the moment with a child. Every person in this world has a name they want to be called by and a heart to love.  Love does not have a monetary value for it is priceless. I can love as Jesus commanded, though that may cost me more greatly than I can now fathom. Where will I go? What will I do? Will it cost me my pride and dignity? All questions that I can either allow to hinder me or challenge me. I do hope it is the latter.
     Go and Do is not a book to pick up for a weekend read. It is more than a book. It can become a dare, a challenge, a lifestyle. There are 202 fascinating pages of heartbreaking and imagination-gripping stories that will transform your way of thinking and possibly your way of doing. If there has ever been a book, besides the Bible, that I want to influence my life for the greater good of our global community, this is it. May this be the beginning of new explorations.

Jay Milbrandt, author of Go and Do

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  1. Dear Deanna,

    Thanks for your very kind review of Go and Do. I really appreciate that you took time to read it, and write about it on top of that.

    Absolutely "go and do" takes many forms! And it's certainly not a message that anyone has to go abroad. I've been in a place in life where I've been able to do that, but I imagine that my wife and I will eventually enter a new phase of life where that's not so easy and we will need to think local. I don't have any kids yet (as I see you do), but I'm definitely thinking about what that would look like and how to instill "go and do" values in them. I did write some thoughts recently on my blog about taking the message local: http://jaymilbrandt.com/applying-go-and-do-locally/

    I would love to hear how these new explorations manifest themselves in your life and your family.

    By the way, I really like the wood background on this blog!

    Thank you again and many blessings,