Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Review: Faith Found

     BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing recently sent  a complimentary copy of The Searchers in exchange for a book review. Joseph Loconte leads the reader into the heart of two disciples' journey in The Searchers: A Quest for Faith in the Valley of Doubt. The journey begins at  a sort of crossroads, so to speak. Only days before were these followers upbeat waiting in great anticipation to be liberated from Roman rule.  Yet, these two followers of Jesus are on the road to Emmaus distraught as they have just lost their leader at Golgotha. It is here Jesus meets them incognito and later reveals the depths of His grace.
      Everyone upon this earth is almost wired to search for something, sometimes anything that will fill that longing. The world's luxuries are often sought to fill the void, though the fills are temporary. Loconte peers into the void these travellers must have felt and engages those pressing questions and doubts that plague many people at some point in their spiritual lives. He plays the devil's advocate, yet always allows God's goodness to prevail. Along the way, the author brings ancient history full circle and envelops the reader into the story as well. At the end of this road, the travellers found their fill in faith in the One, as can the reader.
     It was in the historical accounts, both ancient and modern, that really enraptured me. This is where Loconte, an associate professor of history, pens his true genius. There are tons of books out there that help define God's grace and infinite love for His creatures, but not all can hold the history buff's attention. I absolutely enjoyed reading the fascinating accounts of D-Day, World War II and Communism. That alone makes The Searchers unique. Sometimes I wondered where Loconte was going with such an account and yet every time he managed to tie it together into a cohesive narrative.
     In a little under 200 pages The Searchers will display God's grace, help the reader overcome or at least work through doubts and possibly, enlighten them with historical facts. Loconte has an easy-to-read, engaging style to his pen that will draw you in quickly. He mentions his Italian heritage and the ease of meaningful conversation at the dinner table growing up. I think that ease of meaningful conversation has been well extended to his work here. This is definitely a volume to peruse at your table.

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