Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Review: There Could be a Blessing

     Worthy Publishing allowed me to review a complimentary copy of John Hagee's latest work, The Power of the Prophetic Blessing: An Astonishing Revelation for a New Generation. In The Power of the Prophetic Blessing Hagee sets out to share with the reader the blessings they may be missing out on from God due to a lack of spiritual ignorance. What is the Prophetic Blessing? It is the proclaiming of God's Word over a fellow believer. These blessings can be in the form of faith, growth, healing, prosperity and beyond. God wants to bless every follower according to their faith and belief therein.
     The  word prosperity put my mind on guard as I am completely opposed to the "prosperity gospel." Hagee quickly abated my fears as he dug into the Bible laying out the groundwork for the Prophetic Blessing. Pastor Hagee defines the Prophetic Blessing, gives a lengthy historical account of the blessings upon Israel and then, finally, gets to the pragmatics. Frankly, I was a little lost from the beginning as he was discerning the Priestly Blessing, Numbers 6:22-27, from the Prophetic Blessing. It was not necessarily because it did not make sense, but it all seemed a bit blurred. It could be I just needed a concrete definition a little sooner and the following content would have followed more cogently.
     I did enjoy some of the presented history and value of Israel to Christians. Hagee does expound their cause and purpose as God's chosen people. He eventually looks at the Beatitudes in the New Testament asserting God's blessings are intended for His people in all times. The chapter containing the Beatitudes was my favorite by far as it brought Jesus' earthly life into the picture.  By the last third of the book Hagee then shows how to give the blessings and to receive them. Abraham did not receive his blessing with disobedience brewing in his heart neither should we.
     The Power of the Prophetic Blessing left me ambiguous and uneasy. There were aspects I enjoyed and I rather give an outstanding review than a mediocre review. I realize John Hagee puts his heart into his work as any author does. However, I found this book in many ways just that, mediocre. I would have preferred a more extensive section on the application of the Prophetic Blessing. With that said, in every book I read I try to find the very best of it and apply it to my life and/or thought process. So, it isn't entirely impossible that I have gained something from this volume. Maybe it is in ways yet unseen. Who knows I may just reread it to find another glimmer of His light someday. It very well could be in this case that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To every reader (and author), to each his own.


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