Saturday, September 1, 2012

Book Review: A Sobering Read with a Chance for Hope

     Recently I was given  a complimentary copy of Implosion:Can America Recover from its Economic and Spiritual Challenges in Time? in exchange for an honest review. Author Joel C. Rosenberg begins to dissect the gloomy state of affairs that are currently befuddling the American climate. Rosenberg addresses both the political and economical hardships that America has endured, particularly in the last decade, with sobering clarity. Subsequently, he turns his attention to what he calls the "third lens," that of biblical Scripture. Does the Bible forecast such dissent among the people and what are the end results forecasted? Implosion encourages readers to look at the issues for themselves, while presenting very biblical-guided reason to draw conclusions.
     With that in mind, he goes on to look at Israel, as a nation and people, who have been punished and blessed by God throughout the ages. What are the reasons to support the state of Israel as a Christian? Rosenberg does not hold back and concludes that with the changing weather in America and around the world once can surmise the End Days are approaching. Different scenarios are presented and walked through including financial implosion, war and terrorism, natural disasters and the Rapture.
      Where is the hope you ask? Implosion brings in the historical accounts of the First and Second Great Awakening. This is where we can begin to see that revival among the nations is possible as it has been done before. This is where believers can choose to live in hope and let His light shine through them. Rosenberg is not naive or ignorant. He knows it will take work and a great faith to overcome the present-day challenges in the United States. Yet, if we give up now, what will carry us forward? Hope and faith have carried many people and nations great distances.
     As I read Implosion I was hit with an array of emotions. Looking back, what I remember most is the urgency I sensed. As a Christian I have hope in the Lord. However, it is not just about the individual believer nor the nation; it is about the world. It is interesting to realize the hope we need for the world begins with each person. The last few chapters give the reader applicable steps to take to help calm the impending storm.
     I enjoyed the book as it was enlightening, though it is a little heart-breaking at points. Rosenberg engages the reader with clear, understandable writing, even though the material is anything but light-hearted. Implosion is a work full of passion and depth. For every Christian believer who loves their nation and wants to witness change Implosion would be a great starting point. We can either watch the storm brew or hope to see the barometric pressure drop.

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