Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Book Review: Interesting to Say the Least

     Chosen Books recently sent a complimentary copy of Help for the Fractured Soul in exchange for an honest review. Author Candyce Roberts delves into her years of experience in prayer ministry to guide others to help hurting people. Help for the Fractured Soul: Experiencing Healing and Deliverance from Deep Trauma  is geared for ministry leaders, counselors and prayer partners. When children are abused they often develop fractured souls or different personalities to endure the abuse. As adults these people are so fragmented they find it difficult to cope and function in life.
     Roberts not only provides her real-life experience helping these people to allow their personalities to integrate, she brings biblical examples into account as well. The book contains case studies of lives healed and of lives that remain broken. The author does not whitewash her painful disappointments which I found refreshing and encouraging. Not every person is willing to let go of their pain. We can only help others as much as they allow us to.
     Help for the Fractured Soul provides tools to facilitate healing in a manner that is easily understandable and pragmatic. Roberts not only includes information as to how to help others, but also how to prepare yourself and maintain a healthy relationship with the patient. I honestly was not aware of the depth of pain this book was going to look at. I would have to advise that the reader be a bit more advanced in the area of biblical counseling than I am. I learned a lot and do hope to apply the knowledge I acquired.
     This book is biblical, practical and extremely interesting. If any one is looking to further their prayer ministry or counseling Help for the Fractured Soul is definitely one to add to your library.

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