Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Check out Nick Vujicic's Latest: Unstoppable

     I am SO excited about this upcoming release from Nick Vujicic. In fact, I would say I am giddy. Nothing about Nick's message shows God's love and grace more than his radiant joy. Sure he is what we would consider handicapped, but Nick doesn't let that stop him from living out God's love, joy and peace. It is not that he dismisses his physical limitations, but embraces them and finds a new way for common everyday tasks. Mr. Vujicic understands his story is a part of His greater, larger story.
     Just a couple weeks ago my family had the honor of hearing him speak at Greg Laurie's Harvest L.A. It was truly the highlight of our day. My daughter is absolutely amazed at the life Nick leads as am I. God has used Nick to lift people up from an eight-year-old girl to a mom of three in my family alone. It is incredible to see Nick's reach across the globe.
    So, to get everyone pumped up about Unstoppable slated to release in two weeks WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing has given us a sneak peek. Check out the trailer below. I really hope you are as inspired as I find myself every time I see or hear his story. Enjoy, be inspired and live life for God's glory!

Read the first chapter from Unstoppable here.

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