Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Trees Lean and God Speaks

     Yesterday, I realized the kids and I had not visited the park in a while. Today we capitalized upon the fall weather and drove over meeting quiet and solitude as no one else was around. This morning was slightly cool, a welcomed relief to this summer's multiple heatwaves, and beautiful. My eldest son came and sat on the bench beside me. I was afraid he had decided he was too old to play on the equipment now that he has hit the ripe-old age of 10. Much to my delight, he simply wanted to sit by his mommy.
     Then my daughter joined us on my other side. In that moment I realized my kids can enjoy peace and quiet, even if it was only to last a few minutes. Gabriel commented on the eastward lean of the trees. I asked if he knew why and of course, Mary had to have the answer. I say "of course" because she has always tried to keep pace with her older brother in wit and ability. Right then, we had a "God moment." You know those moments when it is the beautiful whisper of the Spirit gently showing you a truth. God breathed life and we had one of those!
     I began to explain that the pine trees grew with the wind, as it is easier to go with the flow, rather than stand up against it. Now that wouldn't be a useful analogy if we were talking about the conformity society likes to pressure everyone into. However, as an analogy to teach my children about the storms in life the analogy proved useful and quite profound. I wonder how many times I have tried to stand firmly against the storms that have blown into my life and have ended up in the eye of the storm, the exact place I feared and dreaded.
    When God allows a storm to blow into town, we have a choice to resist or to bend like the trees. The tree branches would snap like twigs if they fought the wind.  Today, I saw something new in those crooked pines. They had not allowed the winds to inhibit their growth, but allowed them to steer them in a certain direction. I have always been fascinated with trees. Their very presence seems to speak to me. When I think of a tree a crooked one doesn't come to mind. Instead, tall, majestic trees towering over me paint my imagination. Yet, there they stood this morning, crooked and beautiful.
     Our lives can take on many storms if we learn to blow in the wind with God and let Him steer us. As I have learned to bend my life isn't filled with as much strife and struggle. Sure there are still troublesome clouds hovering overhead and the nasty winds that bring them, but the difference is I know every storm is guiding me on the course God has planned for me. Ususally, if I am looking for His glory in the midst of the storm a beautiful rainbow graces my sky. If we are wise and learn from the past storms we can find there are many blessings as we lean into our Savior's guidance.
     My kids listened intently, thoughtfully even. Then they raced back to the playground and played joyfully. Today I am thankful for so much, for my children's delight and laughter, the trees and His truth, and for God and his brilliance.  I pray my children will lean with the wind and see His glory always.

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