Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Book Review: Another Lucado Best

    BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing has graced me with a complimentary copy of  Lucado's latest, Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine in exchange for a review. The word grace seems simple enough, yet it is God's love gift to his children that is indescribable. Through personal accounts, biblical narratives and beautiful imagery grace seems a little easier to grasp after reading Grace. Mr. Lucado captures the meaning of grace, what it looks like lived out and how to accept the greatest God-given gift ever.  So many people seem to live with their pressure guage pushing the limits trying to work their way into heaven. Lucado points the reader to a way that is by far easier and more sound. God's grace will cover you, change you and bring you a little closer to heaven.
     Author Max Lucado has penned another best-seller on a topic he has covered before. Which doesn't sound like much of a compliment, does it? I write that with the utmost respect for the author and his work as I am a fan. In fact, out of all of the authors I have read, Lucado stands out to me as a man who knows grace well. However, God's great grace cannot be contained in a few pages or even a few books. Lucado could keep delving into the depths of grace and never quite capture its magnificence. And yet, Lucado makes a beautiful go at it with words that seem to flow from his soul onto the page.
     I was surprised to see this book was a little over 150 pages long. Here's my reasoning. Grace is a great theological topic and one would assume many words could be, or even should be, devoted to such a topic. But, that is where the magic of Max Lucado, well God's inspiration, comes into play. He has a way with words that can elaborate on a topic and vividly capture the subject matter without getting too preachy or wordy. 
     Grace is a book for the new believer, the mature Christian or the searching unbeliever. Basically, the book will attract a wide audience. It would be a great volume to add to your collection, to study grace further or share with a neighbor. A nice, comprehensive study is included in the latter part of the book. May you know God's grace and experience it fully. Blessings!

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