Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review: What We are All Reeling For

     In exchange for an honest review WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing provided a complimentary copy of The Fourth Fisherman: How Three Mexican Fisherman Who Came Back from the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage.  One man is in the storm of life; three fisherman are literally enduring a storm. One man is trying to stay afloat in life; three fisherman are trying to stay afloat for their very lives. Author Joe Kissack seemed to have it all: a high-powered media career, a supportive wife and two little girls to cap off his success. From the outside he was no doubt the envy of many.  Inside he was a mess and eventually grabbed on to alcohol and medications when what Kissack really needed was a Lifesaver. It took years of self-destruction before he grabbed hold in faith to Jesus Christ.
     Five Mexican fisherman set sail one day only to meet a storm that changed their lives forever. Between sea turtles and sharks, God's Word and faith three of the men survived ten months lost at sea. Now, I'm sure you are wondering where in the world do these two seemingly unrelated stories intersect? By divine appointment and drive. Kissack recounts his lows and his track to a spiritual top. After committing his life to Christ, entering an outpatient rehabilitation center and counseling with his wife does he begin to see life for what it is, the inherent value within. Subsequently, he hears the story of the fisherman on the news and knows he must meet these men. He sees himself in them, in their trials and hardships, perseverance and faith. It was not to be a part of the media circus, but to uplift these men and other's through their story. Even today Kissack is still a part of this quest.
    As I read the first chapter I was wondering how arrogant is this author and what kind of book is this. As Kissack recounts his story one realizes how far he has come emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. We all build walls to protect ourselves and now he is showing what is were made of. Many can learn from him and be driven to faith or a faith of deeper content when we let our walls come down. Even in the stories of the fisherman Kissack explains what makes these men who they are.
     The Fourth Fisherman demonstrates that no matter what our circumstances are we will all face storms and have a choice. We can either reach for temporal, worldly things of insignificance or turn to our faith that will sustain us. Just as Kissack learned God has plans greater than we can fathom and plans that are beyond ourselves. Now that he sees that, he has been able to use his life experiences, talents and passions to further God's kingdom.
     I am utterly amazed by his concise writing skills. The author was able to pen a lifetime's worth of highs and lows, while retelling the story of the fisherman in a book a little over 200 pages. The chapters are short which makes it a nice and light read, yet each chapter encapsulates significant information. If you are sinking in the sea or know someone who is The Fourth Fisherman would be an ideal place to reel in some inspiration. You may just hook onto the Lifesaver.

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