Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book Review: Fearless if You Dare

     Chosen Books provided a complimentary copy of Fearless Daughters of the Bible in exchange for an honest review. Author J. Lee Grady wants to empower women in the church. Through the biblical accounts of women who fought for something they passionately believed in to modern day women pioneers Grady shows that women are not meant to be relegated to the corner of the room. Some of these women stood steadfast against tradition, their past or injustice. Others went on to protect their people, live with courage or worship freely. The message is: you can, too.
      Grady is discontented with nature of women's role within the church today. Whether it is due cultural mandate or religious indoctrination he feels women have been told to be passive, quiet and  timid. Miriam's worship is anything, but passive. It is passionate and uninhibited. Ruth's move onto Boaz's threshing floor was bold and risky. So, why are women told they cannot take the lead? Here is where I had a little trouble swallowing this author's theology.
     A fine line distinguishes leadership and brazen disobedience. I do not believe women should pastor, however he does as he mentioned some women who do lead churches as examples. Here's my suggestion, Read at your own discretion. There are many perfectly biblical examples that are kosher with my doctrinal views. I do think some of  Grady's empowering encouragement could be contorted in some reader's minds and be taken to an unbiblical application. Frankly, some may categorize this as feminist propaganda.
     With that said, I did enjoy some of the chapters in Fearless Daughters of the Bible. He does give some good pointers to overcome some of our past issues that may be hindering us from living fully for God's kingdom. The questions posed to the reader are thought-provoking and interesting. I appreciated that lesser known women of the Bible were included and expanded upon.
    Fearless Daughters of the Bible may be a great fit for you. This book wouldn't stand well with reformed or evangelical audiences. However, if you dare to pick this one up may you will become fearless in your faith and stand beside some other fearless female saints.

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