Sunday, November 25, 2012

Book Review: Stabilize Your World

    BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing provided a complimentary copy of Globequake: Living in the Unshakeable Kingdom While the World Falls Apart in exchange for an honest review. Author Wallace Henley provides guidance to find stability and comfort for the reader in the midst of turbulent times. Looking at the headlines of the nightly news one is submerged into insecurity, insanity and instability. Businesses are collapsing, morality is plunging into the depths of darkness and deceit and families are being ripped at the seams. The changes around us are coming so rapidly that it is hard to make heads or tails of as many current events. What can one make of this? Is there any place to find solace and refuge?
    Many people seek comfort in the material wold, turn to drugs and alcohol or other deadly vices. Henley offers the reader the only lasting  source of comfort that can be applied in every domain and sphere of life: the life of Jesus Christ. The earth can quake, the floor can slip beneath our feet, all else can crumble around us, while the Kingdom of God will stand firm and steady. Henley paints a grim picture of what is happening around the world that can lead to confusion and fear. Further into Globequake he then breaks down the problems that beset our days and then in subsequent chapters gives biblical counsel to steady our gaze and plant our feet on terra firma. People need to live intentionally and have clear cut visions, values and missions in view for various avenues of life, hopefully all of which head in the same direction.
     This book was not what I expected. It was better and more concrete.The suggestions made are biblical, wise and practical. Henley doesn't provide a list that seems impossible to implement. What is your vision? What are your values? And what is your mission as a family? a person? a church?
    As a mother, I appreciated his sage advice that stability begins in the home. It starts with the individual. Our children's schooling and training is an integral part to stabilize our changing society. Instead of feeling hopeless and desperate as we look around at the crumbling pillars of society, we gain hope as we look to our Savior. He alone can hold us up. Nothing can conquer His Kingdom. That message permeates Globequake.
     Globequake is enjoyable to read, not that the news isn't discouraging at times. The delivery of the bad news is written in such a personable manner, the impact of the punches is tolerable. That and hope is quick to follow. Whether Henley is speaking of the person, the church, the family, education, government or the business market he brings stories throughout history to back his thought process and provides clear vision throughout. In about 250 pages, one can grasp the hope we have in God alone and gather valuable input to make their world a lot more sturdy.

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