Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Review: A Life Changer

     In exchange for an honest review Handlebar Publishing and Thomas Nelson Publishing furbished a complimentary copy of Bold as Love: What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does.  Bob Roberts, Jr. is a pastor hailing from Texas with a heart to match. They say everything is bigger in Texas, well that includes Roberts vision for living out his faith. Jesus didn't know a stranger and called us to love as He does. Yet, in today's world of high-tech gadgets and a whirl-wind of a world many people don't even know their neighbors next door. Roberts wants you to step outside and engage with the world at hand and possibly from afar.
     In Bold as Love  the author confronts Christians with the sobering reality of our daily interactions, or lack thereof. Can anyone say that your life is different because you are a believer? Do you know no stranger? As our world becomes more integrated with the world at large and more of our neighbors come from various religious backgrounds we need to befriend them and understand them. What that requires of us may be scary or come at a cost. But, isn't that the point to live out your love boldly?
     I was surprised and excited as I stepped into Roberts life. His love is bold and takes precedence over any fear. It is inspiring to see how one man's vision can lead many others to come out of their comfort zones and develop relationships that may last a lifetime. His vision has led him across the globe and back and has helped Muslims, Jews and Christians among others, to learn it is okay for our worlds to collide and propagate an environment where questions are allowed. His focus is not for inter-faith tolerance, but for multi-faith love.
    As I read I was required to look inside at my own heart and some of it I didn't like. Bold as Love lays out a practical way to reach out to others letting go of fear, living in faith and serving from the heart. Reading Bold as Love was an eye-opener, yet a real treat to read.
     This book would be great for many Christians, if not all followers. Roberts is honest and blunt. He doesn't shy away from sharing his misgivings in certain situations. He puts his love on the line as Christ does, as should we all. Bold as Love is a book of beauty, love and great boldness.

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