Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Review: An Enjoyable Mystery

Bethany House provided a complimentary copy of Blood and Bone: A Novel by Don Hoesel in exchange for an honest review.
     Blood and Bone takes the reader across the world alongside Dr. Jack Hawthorne and his wife, Espy. Thirteen years ago, they held in their hands the bones of the prophet, Elisha, burying them in Australia. With the burial, the couple had hoped they had hidden their old life of antiquities and hunting trading it in for the life of a suburban family. Much to their surprise, one call changes their pace of life and sends them on the fast track of the hunting trail once again.
     Between having a CIA agent and a secret society in charge of protecting the bones on their tail, their very lives are in peril. During a two-week journey that leads them to several cities on five different continents they find themselves seeking refuge in dark corners, all the while looking for the bones. Jack and Espy need these bones in exchange for their two sons.
      This book is certainly different from my usual reading fare. It was a nice change of pace, once I finally was drawn into the book. The first chapter was slow going. By page 75 though, I was hooked. For all the twists and turns Blood and Bone keeps the reader's attention. Some parts I found a little confusing as the scene quickly changed and read over them to make sure I was keeping up with the turn of events. I guess every mystery needs exhilarating, heart-quickening exchanges between characters.
     I use to be a fan of the Alex Cross series, although the obscene language was bothersome. In fact, that is why I don't read them anymore. The language in Blood and Bone is pleasant and yet, the emotions that Hoesel wanted to portray come clearly off the page. When Jack is seething with anger, you get the gist. There are a few gruesome scenes but, nothing I couldn't stomach. If the thought of skeletons bother you, then this mystery is not for you. I appreciated the history behind the story.
     Blood and Bone is a bit far-fetched but, intriguing. If you are fan of mysteries or history, then this book is recommended. If you are looking for something different, then it might be for you as well. The best portion is towards the end. It makes you question: Who or what is your God?


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