Monday, August 12, 2013

Book Review: Everyone Has a Story to be Lived

BookSneeze ,on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing, provided a complimentary copy of Death by Living: Life is Meant to Be Spent by N.D. Wilson in exchange for an honest review.
     Author, N.D. Wilson, has compiled a beautiful narrative of pivotal moments in his life leading to insights and illuminations that have resulted in Death by Living. Time moves on, as do we. It is when we embrace our moment in time, what has led to our being and the story we have yet to live out that we truly find our sense of being and worth. Once we accept nothing but God is permanent, we can open our hands and give of ourselves freely. We have been given legacies to follow, stories that have led to us. What makes us all unique is the culmination of our family histories. Our place in time has more to do with the history behind us than anything we have done. However, we are empowered to live our lives well, lives spent on those around us leaving legacies of our own for the generations that will follow.
     Wilson delves into his family's history with a nostalgic pen and voice of solemnity yet, covers it all in profound gratitude and grace. I was completely mesmerized by his captivating way with words. Words that are tinkered with and fine-tuned and seemingly dancing across the page. Words that bring substance to memories and envelop the soul. Wilson has blessed the reader with a gift of delicate nuances that stir the imagination and provoking an engagement of the senses as he recalls his relatives stories and memories from a childhood past.
     As I read Death by Living I found I was detecting the nuances in my own life that the surrounding environment lent. The nostalgia of chapters past brushed by me. Gratitude ran deep. A sense of quiet grace washed over me. For all the mistakes I have made and missed opportunities I let go, I sit in thankfulness knowing they are all part of a narrative bigger than I can fathom. Time is grace. It is a gift we cannot keep but, we can embrace its impermanence. We can pass memories, beliefs and values on. The lives we lead are the legacies we leave behind as we step into our eternal journey.
     Death by Living is not morbid but, very reflective. A couple of times I wondered where Wilson was headed. Then, I turned the page and a life lesson or a luminous epiphany took center stage. The lights were on and it all made sense. Even if you aren't in search of yourself the quality and character of Wilson's pen will draw you into his world. I only hope people take the time to pick this book up to begin a journey of reflection, gratitude and a deeper appreciation for the role they can play on the world's stage.


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