Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review: Joy Begins with Gratitude

It would be inappropriate to start this review off without a big thank you to Moody Publishers for providing a complimentary copy of Choosing Gratitude in exchange for an honest review.
      Author Nancy Leigh DeMoss has really done an exemplary job penning Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy. Joy eludes many as they grasp at chaff blowing in the wind in hopes of happiness. Ingratitude seems to be our culture's default setting. Blessings abound all around and yet, are all too often missed. The correlation between gratitude and joy is a concept that needs to be taught and learned. cultivated and practiced. When we choose to worship in thanksgiving, even in difficult circumstances, it can change our heart and perspective. One of the greatest aspects is that gratitude is not simply self-serving. It benefits us for being grateful yes, but, it also flows into the heart of others when we tangibly extend our gratitude.
     DeMoss in no way condones a rose-colored glasses point of view because frankly, life can get sticky and stinky. In the face of death, we can choose gratefulness for being allowed the time we had with the individual or we can sulk and let darkness consume us. Choosing Gratitude means just what it says; we have a choice to choose gratitude and subsequently, joy will follow.
     I appreciated DeMoss' frankness and compassion, which is often a paradox. There is this vulnerability she lends the book that allows the reader to connect with her, manifesting in a deep understanding, a shared secret. She knows pain, she knows life and she knows a woman's heart. Through biblical references and personal accounts that span a rather wide gamut, DeMoss brings clarity to the matter and practical application. Gratitude is something that needs to be nurtured within our hearts, cultivated to bloom.
    Choosing Gratitude is a wonderful read. In the back is a 30-day devotional that will further your quest for joy. Just think, it takes 21 days to form a habit and DeMoss is giving you 30 days to instill a life-long habit of giving thanks and reaping joy. This would be a terrific book for many believers, especially for those that want to renew their relationship with the Lord. God has given us blessings out of His goodness. The question is: Do we acknowledge those gifts with unceasing thanks?


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