Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Review: Hearing His Voice

Moody Publishers provided a complimentary copy of Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God is Speaking by Priscilla Shirer in exchange for an honest review.
     Author Priscilla Shirer does an amazing job presenting understandable material that will enable the reader to further their relationship with the Holy Spirit in Discerning the Voice of God. The Spirit is often misunderstood and believers chalk it up to a gut feeling rather than the inner working of God Himself. Shirer first addresses the manner in which He speaks and then describes the how-to discern His voice. The latter third of the book covers the Spirit's purpose in our lives.
      I really cannot applaud Shirer enough for writing an all-encompassing book about the Spirit. My accumulative knowledge thus far on the subject was the product of many books. Yet, in one softcover the subject matter is truly delved into in an applicable way. Shirer thoroughly explained the difference and the symbiotic relationship between soul and spirit. Our spirits are instantly renewed when we receive Christ but, our souls are sanctified in time as the Spirit infiltrates our entire being.
      Discerning the Voice of God also gives credence to the various, harmonious ways that God will speak to us. One thing alone may not stand up well but, if we add in other credible things then we may ascertain God is indeed leading us down a certain path. For instance, if we listen to our "gut" only, we may lead ourselves to disaster with good intentions. However, if we our wise and choose patience we may find that God is not leading us where we thought as we read Scripture, pray, seek counsel and if we are gifted by the mercy of confirmation, i.e. corroborating circumstances, Scripture passages and other believers. It is this type of information that can help us in our journey. It seems in many Christian circles that believers are just suppose to instantaneously know every thing about being a Christian the moment of salvation. Yet, the beauty of our journey is we are never finished learning about God. The Spirit is all too often overlooked. How sad it would be to miss out on a third of the Trinity.
     This book can become a catalyst to draw you closer to God. It will be an eye- and heart-opening read for any believer. He wants you to know Him intimately. Priscilla Shirer's intimacy with the Lord comes through her writing. I hope you pick up this book to share in her gift. Discerning the Voice of God is her invitation (and quite possibly His invitation) to you to build a deeper connection with the Almighty through His ever-present Spirit.


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