Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book Review: An Ambitious Success

Chosen Books provided a complimentary copy of R.T. Kendall's Finding Your Heart's Desire in exchange for an honest review.
     Everyone strives for something, be it success and fame in the fast lane or accolades and acceptance from colleagues in the suburbs.  Yet, what are we measuring our success with and exactly what is it that we desire? Author R.T. Kendall takes aim and challenges the reader to align their goals and measure of success with that of God's standard in Finding Your Heart's Desire: Ambition, Motivation and True Success.
     People can go all their lives always aiming high, wanting more and in turn are left wanting. It is when human desires lead to ungodly ambition that can leave us hanging high and dry. However, according to Kendall we can realign our hearts with God and have a godly ambition. For God has put in us a natural desire to succeed at something, whatever that may be, that when paired with motivation can keep us moving forward in life. We need to ask ourselves though whether our motivation and goals are God ordained or of simple selfish desire? God wants us to work with Him, so He may work through us all to His glory.
     Finding Your Heart's Desire  is a candid look at human desire. Kendall doesn't pull any punches with the reader or himself. One of his best assets is his honesty and personal insight. God has certainly allowed personal experience to shape this godly man. I was truly inspired and impressed with the author's transparency. He gives clear and poignant advice to the reader as well. There was a set of questions I found very helpful to see whether a decision or opportunity was one I could make without any inhibitions.
     The bottom line is that this book can be used for God's glory. God can use the words of Kendall to transform your life if you allow it to. Everyone needs to evaluate their trajectory in life and understand why they are striving after certain goals. It is all too easy to get caught up with the standards of success pressed upon us by the media at large. What will it matter when we get to heaven if our bank accounts are heavily padded or how much stock we own? Or how many trophies and awards decorated our mantles? Absolutely zero.
     All that matters is that we finish well knowing we gave our all to things of eternal importance. This book can really shape the lives of readers and those around them. God placed the content of this book on the heart of the author to minister to others. May Finding Your Heart's Desire lead you to true success.


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