Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Review (And Giveaway) : A Journey into Deeper Prayer

B&H Books provided a complimentary copy of Beth Moore's Whispers of Hope in exchange for an honest review.
     Of course, the name of Beth Moore needs no introduction amongst Evangelical Christian circles. But, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the author, Beth Moore, is a sought-after, highly-regarded Bible teacher. She uses stories that dig deep into the biblical truths and words that penetrate the heart.
     I don't how many times I have asked myself if I pray properly, as if there is a secret formula. I know there is not. And I also have heard other believers ask the same of themselves. Beth Moore addresses this issue in Whispers of Hope: 10 Weeks of Devotional Prayer. The real secret is to actually spend time with the Lord and in His Word, of course. However, Moore provides a six-step guide to help you endeavor into a more meaningful quiet time with the Lord with some terrific fodder for thought.
     In 70 devotionals Moore hits upon a wide gamut of material and what it means to live a holy life. Each devotional is a page long and is accompanied by assigned Scripture readings. Then two pages of space are provided to lead you through your prayer time.
    I found the wide variety of material to be very thoughtful and enticing. Some readings are going to stir the heart more than others. Whispers of Hope isn't a one-time use devotional for that reason. As we go along our journey with Christ certain aspects of our walk will need to be deepened as we go. Though some devotional readings may not hit home now, it may later on down the road.
    I personally found Whispers of Hope to be engaging and helpful. It is the intention we put into our time with God that is going to help us be present for our growth. If you want a one topic study this book isn't what you need. However, Moore has given a great tool for those of us that are truly wanting a little assistance and guidance to deeper, more intimate prayer. This volume is wonderful and full of Moore's beautiful gift of teaching. I pray that your journey will deepen and be richly blessed.
B&H has kindly provided an extra copy of Whispers of Hope for a giveaway.
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