Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review: Back to Faith

Moody Publishers provided a complimentary copy of the featured book in exchange for an honest review.
     Some believers get lost at one point or another wandering from their faith. It may be for but a brief season; other times their detour lasts longer. Come Home: A Call Back to Faith by James MacDonald is a small book that can hold great significance for those that are wandering. The bottomline is that Jesus loves them. MacDonald conveys that warmth and love dispelling reason to doubt and invites them home in belief.  
      Drawing on the story of the prodigal son in the Bible, MacDonald categorizes wanderers into four types: the fearful wanderer, the doubtful wanderer, the sensual wanderer and the willful wanderer. Each has their own set of doubts or hardships defined that have drawn them away from the Father. Subsequently, every chapter unpacks the possible reasons and the potential solutions for these prodigals.
      I was quite pleased with the helpful information in this compact volume. Come Home could be suited for many. The wanderer or those that are beginning to question, could benefit from reading this book. Come Home can validate one's doubts and allow for a more open dialogue.  It could be that you want to encourage the lost believer in your life. Questions and rising doubt can be addressed in love. MacDonald explains the thought process of each type of wanderer. With that knowledge a brother or sister will be better equipped to assist the wandering soul.
      This is an easy-to-read book making it a great, quick resource. I found some points to be addressed a little harshly. I would hope that the tone wouldn't steer the lost away. Overall, the book is direct and firm, but gentle and loving. Maybe a chapter will strike a chord and speak life back into their soul. This book could be given as a gift to the lost with a word of encouragement and a lot of prayer, for it may be just the call they need to wander back home.

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