Thursday, March 20, 2014

Book Review: Comfort for the Day

Moody Publishers provided a complimentary copy of the featured book in exchange for an honest review.
     Everyone wonders at some time whether circumstances are mere chance happenings or if there is reason behind it all. Is there a God who reigns? Paul Enns argues in Everything Happens for a Reason: God's Purposes in a World Gone Bad that our lives are not only purposeful, but so are the goings-on of our lives. There is not one circumstance that goes undetected or unused by God.
     Besides this book providing biblical examples of people enduring hardships, Enns draws on examples of everyday trials and life challenges that ordinary people have withstood. There are two presuppositions that are assumed from the get go. First, God is sovereign and good- period. And second, we don't have all the answers this side of heaven. We simply don't. If those two tenets of faith are believed then the rest of the book will subsequently make sense.
      There are some circumstances that are completely horrific in human terms. Yet, if we are willing to lift our eyes up and believe that God has our good in mind, as well as His purposes, then our circumstances can be endured with a new, hopeful perspective. Enns tackles the hard questions such as: Why does evil occur?, What is Satan's role? and What is the purpose of it all?. Certainly, there aren't easy answers, but Everything Happens for a Reason certainly attempts to answer them in terms that are as easily understood as possible and with empathy and comfort.
      This book is well-written and biblical. The answers aren't concocted by Enns to make you feel good. They are derived from the Bible and are God's answers to your questions. With that stated, I did find one chapter hard to swallow as it dealt with sin. I personally didn't feel that contributing one's disregard to the speed limit and therefore, sin, necessitated in the man's death. So, if you are not of the fundamentalist mindset, this book probably isn't going to sit well with you.
       Everything Happens for a Reason is a book that may bring great comfort in your time of need. We are going to face challenges as we live in fallen world. We can rest in knowing that God sees a greater picture that someday in glory we will see fully. We can live knowing that Everything Happens for a Reason.


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