Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Review: Embracing Life

Plough Publishing House provided a complimentary copy of the feature book in exchange for an honest book review.
     Author Johann Christoph Arnold had thoughtfully penned Rich in Years: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life, a book that relishes the value and wisdom that comes as one ages. In western culture aging is seen as taboo, something to be avoided at all costs and one can only pray the newest cream actually slows down the process. However, God created us beautifully and has given people purpose no matter their ever-increasing numeric status.
      This book harnesses biblical wisdom with the accounts of many elderly citizens lending credence to one's value in their latter years. The first step is to accept what is and what blessings can be gleaned from life changes. Whether you are at that point in your journey or are a caregiver Rich in Years can give you food for thought and an appreciation for this leg of the journey. There may be aspects that come with aging that aren't pleasant, however perspective is everything. One must never forget that as we age we are not closer to the end, but rather a new beginning, one that is eternal.
      I absolutely loved this book.  I am only in my fourth decade of my earthly life and found great value within Rich in Years. After watching my grandparents go through so many changes gracefully I have had a deep appreciation for the elderly. So, why would I read such a book? I want to age gracefully and know my purpose as I grow older. My parents are going to be entering those years when changes become inevitable. After reading this book I am, hopefully, more equipped to help them, to extend more empathy and value them for whatever place they find themselves in. The experience of others is a beautiful learning tool.
       I would suggest this book to anyone. This volume is all about the latter years of our human experience. Though I am not there yet, one day I will be, as will you. May we embrace all of the journey. Some feel discarded or devalued by society, but when we look through the eyes of God we can be Rich in Years and live out our God-given purpose until the end of our earthly journey.


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