Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Book Review: Storm Warning

    I received a copy of Billy Graham's Storm Warning  from Booksneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing. There are so many questions that loom in our minds as we watch tragedy after tragedy unfold across the world. Why? Is the end near? When will Christ come and save us? Mr. Graham tries to unravel the entanglement of questions as he sheds light on the book of Revelation.  Our only hope is in Jesus Christ now and forevermore. Certain prophecies must be fulfilled before Christ can reign and bring His peace.
    I was definitely a Christian in the past who glossed over the book of Revelation and any mention of prophecy. I'm sorry I did. Graham takes the reader on a journey through Revelation breaking down the symbolism and shows the light of Jesus Christ that is in the world. It was surprising and engaging as I pondered the possibilities for the future
    Storm Warning was an easy read. I enjoyed Graham's voice and his thoroughness. I never felt I had to reread anything to grasp his message.  Even for the new Christian this book can clear up any cloudiness one may perceive in Revelation.
   As always Mr. Graham highlights the importance of coming to a saving faith throughout Storm Warning. I'm not sure that an unbeliever would pick this book up off the shelf and read it. Nonetheless, for the believer Billy Graham provides comfort for the present and hope for the future.

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