Monday, November 1, 2010

Book Review: Great Devotional

    On behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing, BookSneeze recently sent me a free copy of Charles Stanley's newest devotional I Lift Up My Soul. Each day's entry in one page invites the reader to draw nearer to God. As the book progresses Stanley focuses on different topics such as grace, prayer, forgiveness and gratefulness. Each devotional takes about one minute to read, so it is a great devotional for the on-the-go person or it can be used for the more serious contemplater.
    I was pleasantly surprised by this devotional. As I said, each entry is rather short, yet throughout I found myself in constant prayer and communion with God. Stanley never made me feel uncomfortable with any of the devotions. By that I mean that sometimes when an author talks of sin and points the finger at every reader, I feel uncomfortable reading that piece. Stanley mentions our inherent sin,but does so without judgement. He probably is trying to leave that to God. When he does mention sin, it is to allow the reader to understand his or her deep need for Christ.
    My soul was indeed lifted as I looked to Christ with gratitude and humility. I am definietly going to be using I Lift Up My Soul for my daily devotional next year. Throughout the year I hope to draw nearer to God and explore different facets of my relationship with Him. This devotional is great for new believers and more mature believers alike. I hope for those that do pick this book up are inspired to look up and offer God their souls.

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