Monday, November 15, 2010

Turkey Rush

   It amazes me every year that at the sight of the first fallen leaf from the tree or the first chilly evening I get all excited about the impending holiday season. Living in Southern California for my entire life one would think I would have learned by now to relax. I realize the weather toys with us as the seasons change. Yet, I haven't and I begin my Autumn ritual of baking and decorating for the holidays.
   What I need to do is pace myself more through the Fall months. Over the last few years I have paced myself for Christmas. Once Halloween passes it's over for me until Thanksgiving weekend and I am recovering. All I want to do is bake and curl up by the fireplace with a cup of tea and a good book. The problem is I wear myself out to actually prepare for Thanksgiving. I have ten days and haven't even planned my menu,
   Now what I do know is I can't freak out and panic. I am going to have to do some quick cleaning and preparations. In years past I have panicked my way to ill health.  My immune system is touchy. Besides stressing takes away the fun and enjoyment of family time. With any luck and some hard work I hope to have a fantastic Thanksgiving and some meaningful moments with family next Thursday.

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