Sunday, December 19, 2010

Book Review: My Soul is Singing

      I was excited to receive Then Sings My Soul: Special Edition by Robert Morgan from BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing. Morgan brings to life 150 Christian hymns as he recounts the history behind each song. Each hymn is printed with lyrics and music on one page and the accompanying story is told on the adjoining page.
     First off I must mention the presentation of the book. As an avid reader I am a fan of hardcovers as they can withstand more handling. However, Then Sings My Soul is a softcover and beautiful. The cover is nicely done and the pages are made to look worn and antiquated.
     On to the meat. Morgan does an excellent job of summarizing the biographies of the authors and composers of the hymns. He also explains details that I would have otherwise overlooked. Some of my favorite Christmas songs and Christian hymns now hold deeper meaning. To read about the hardships that were endured and subsequently were precursors to the words, brought tears to my eyes a few times. Then again reading about a teacher who supposedly taught his classes with a pet bat on his shoulder made me chuckle, yet who could bring his emotions to light in a song is inspiring.
     I was moved by the hymns as I read each word carefully. Some hymns I was familiar with and others I had never heard. I am not a music critic. I am a Christian mother who enjoys her music greatly.  I made a wise decision picking up this book. Then Sings My Soul is a wonderful read for any Christian, particularly those who want a greater appreciation of what Christ has done for them. The only thing that could enhance the experience of Morgan's book is an accompanying CD. May your soul sing.

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