Friday, December 3, 2010

Flexing Marriage Muscles

    In a couple of weeks I will have known my husband for 11 years. We have been married for over 10 1/2 of those. Every marriage has its bumps and triumphs, tears and joy. We have had more than our fair share.
    Sometimes I felt as if our journey would never hit smooth road.  Though we have enjoyed one another and loved one another without a shadow of a doubt, it took over seven years of marriage to hit that smooth road we yearned for so greatly.  Since we married rather young, we planned on our marriage taking more work than most. As we prepared for marriage during our six-week engagement I was often told we were too young to be getting married and didn't know one another long enough. My response was always the same. "We'll either grow up together or we'll grow apart."
    At first it seemed we both set out on different paths trying to merge onto the same road. It took forever to find the "Y" in the road to come together. During the first several years I would periodically wonder why we weren't one. As Genesis 2:24 states, "That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh." Why weren't we? My heart ached for my husband.
    In the Fall of 2007 we began attending church as a family. Finally, Genesis spoke of our marriage. I always knew David and I were meant for one another. We just had to do it God's way to receive his blessings. Our entire lives were transformed. I now look back and can hardly recognize myself then. Though David and I had three kids it wasn't until we were changed by the Spirit that I felt we were a family, a strong, united family. 
   I have pondered our marriage and can now see what has strengthened us. All the trials, the loneliness and tears shed have all been worth it. It took me years to finally submit to God and consequently to my husband as well. Once I gave my heart to God, He made me into a wife that is truly a help meet. I am proud to be David's helper.
   Marriage is strengthened with use like a muscle. It takes training to strengthen your muscles. We can do things to strengthen our marriages. The biggest one is allowing God to be a part of it, a big part. When we find quiet time with our spouse and actually share our feelings. Discussing things until there is understanding on both sides. All the niceties we pay attention to giving our significant other helps them feel loved and in turn strengthens the union.
    Recently we have witnessed a couple of marriages in peril, breaking up for infidelities. We can't imaging separating. We are best friends willing to support one another. It is heartbreaking to think of the anguish our friends have been enduring. David said the most beautiful thing to me after we were speaking of these couples. He told me how glad he was that our marriage is still going so strong. Yes, it is. That statement was one of the greatest compliments I could ever received. Every marriage takes two people and every marriage takes One God.


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