Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We're Never Finished

      Though we have homeschooled for three years, I still find myself comparing. I wonder if my children are competent and if I am as well. Then I hear families saying they are finished ahead of schedule for their school year. Congrats to them, but we are not that family. We school year-round, so I truly feel we are never finished with school.
      In those moments of questioning myself and my family I have to remind myself that we are on God's schedule. We have found what works for us. Given this year has been particularly hard with my husband's firefighter schedule and babysitting my nephew anywhere from one to four days a week. Maybe my children aren't light years ahead of their peers, but I have seen them grow as nurturers and witnessed a deepening of  their dependence on one another in the greatest way possible. They have witnessed us living out a family-first philosophy that I hope will last them a lifetime.
      When we weren't able to do paperwork everyday I noticed we engaged in more diverse discussions about life, God, history and beyond. It seems we have lived out the un-schooling method rather well. The hardest part is to not compare. I don't know how many times while questioning God that I received a reassuring peace in my heart letting me know we are the family He created us to be. At the very least, we are becoming the family we are meant to be.

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