Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book Review: Interesting Apocalyptic Read

      The Seraph Seal, my latest read, was provided courtesy of BookSneeze on behalf of Thomas Nelson Publishing. This book written by author duo, Leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner takes the reader on a journey to the year 2048. The chosen one, Paul Binder, a Virginia college professor begins to unlock a mystery that will lead him around the world to lead believers of Christ to a new dawn. As the world has slowly disintegrated to an apocalyptic nightmare people try to make sense of what is going on as Binder unravels the way. Where does love fit in if it is ultimately to prevail?
      What will the world look like if our present world continues on a godless path where power, fame and wealth lead the way? Technology could develop further leaving God on the outskirts of our minds. When we want to control to every iota of our lives God has no place to lead in our hearts. The Seraph Seal poses those questions and thoughts leading me to wonder where are we headed? As a society we see teens killing parents or peers, abuse escalating and general violence becoming more pronounced every day. I think it's the moral "me"-ism philosophy of the day in every realm that is leading us to destruction. When you hear more people questioning God's presence, praying for Christ's return and others predicting the Apocalypse it really seems to convey a message of desperation.
      The symbolism in The Seraph Seal and factual information woven into the story grabbed my attention and appreciation of the artistry at once. This book is rather long at 420 pages, in addition Paul Binder's notes and symbolic interpretation at the end. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and by the first fourth of the book I could hardly set the book down. The end surprised me a bit and left me ambiguous. Although there is some science fiction involved, the scary thing being we're probably not that far from succeeding to such a place in history, I didn't find it too hooked into that genre. It is an interesting combination of science fiction, non-fiction, biblical history and apocalyptic in one intricate tale.
      I always scoff at the idea of science fiction, yet am finding that books such as The Seraph Seal intrigue me and produce thought-provoking dialogues in my head. This book created an awareness in me that I hope has changed me for the better. We all need to become aware of the future of our planet that God so beautifully created. It is sad to say the least, to see the destruction and loss of resources and life. Even if your aren't into science fiction and have an appreciation of biblical prophecy The Seraph Seal would be a fine addition to your library.

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