Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Review: An Honest Faith

    Tyndale Publishing provided a complimentary of I Still Believe in an exchange for a review. Many Christians may be quite familiar with Jeremy Camp as an award-winning worship artist, now meet him as an author and a man with a deep faith. Jeremy Camp, along with David Thomas, recall his life that has seen its fair share of ups and downs, particularly the loss of his first wife, Melissa, to ovarian cancer. Rather than giving up on life Jeremy has allowed God to use his trials to build upon his spiritual life and minister to others. Even in the face of myriad adverse situations Jeremy has used his pain to convey his journey through music that has touched countless lives. In this account of poverty, heartache and healing Jeremy shares with the reader his passion and the redemption he has found in Christ.
     Most of his story hinges upon not only the loss of his first wife, but the faith she lived out while upon this earth. By the grace of God, Jeremy was blessed with another wife who with great empathy and compassion has helped him walk through the valley and ministers along side him. I always appreciated Camp's music, but after reading I Still Believe, I understand the depth of what he sings. Many who have lost a loved one would benefit from this book. Of course, even if someone close to you hasn't departed, anyone could benefit from the example of faith Jeremy expresses. He is sorely honest and courageous to share his walk. He even elects to share his messy times, the times when he questioned his walk and God's way. Just as King David expressed a plethora of emotions in the Psalms, Jeremy does as well. It is validating to know everyone goes through stages and questions life. He has taken time to sort through his questions and consequently, has moved closer to the Lord.
     I Still Believe didn't necessarily move along as I would have preferred in the beginning pages. After reading the attention-gripping prologue the next couple chapters disappointed in intensity. Although, that might be God's grace, people can only handle so many life-changing events. However, the story picks up. In fact, I could hardly put it down the last 150 or so pages. Considering it is barely over 200 pages, this book had me hooked.
     I walked away from my chair with a deep appreciation for the wisdom contained in I Still Believe. It isn't a monumental literary work, but it is a beautifully expressed portrait of what a life lived in God's presence can be. Nothing in Jeremy's life has proven too much for God to handle. He can handle every situation as long as we are willing to follow Jesus. And He will redeem every pain when we enter into the fullness of His glory. Until then, may we stand in faith and still believe.


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